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Frequently asked questions

Can I choose where I live?
Supported living offers you the choice as to where you decide to live. Consummate Care can help you in finding and securing a property.
Do I have to live on my own?
If you would prefer to live with other adults with similar interests and abilities we can help you to build relationships with new people. We have some properties where people choose to live together.
Can I choose who works with me?
You may already have support workers who you wish to keep with you. You can also be involved in the recruitment process for new staff.
How long will it take to access supported living?
The assessment process, property search and recruitment time can vary depending on the individual’s specific requirements. We ask all parties to work together to make the move to your new property seamless. Our aim is for your package to be in place within 8 weeks.
Will I be able to go to college or work?
Consummate Care staff will support you in all your daily choices whether it be attending college, going to work or accessing social opportunities.
Will I be able to afford supported living?
Your package of care will be funded according to your needs. Sometimes you will be expected to pay a contribution towards the cost. This is usually paid through the benefits you receive. Our staff team will be able to fully support you in assessing your financial position and we also offer Corporate Appointeeship if required.

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