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Why Consummate care?


How you live, where you live

24/7 Support

Safe, secure, 24 hour on-call emergency response


Self help skills, money management, life skills

Bespoke support

Individual packages, risk assessment, individualised training, careful client/staff matching, client involved in recruitment, feedback, team meetings, quality assurance

Person centred approaches

Paths, Assessment, Care planning

Development opportunities

Jobs, Training, Education

Maintaining family links

Restaurant meals, transport, days out, visits to family/friends

Corporate appointeeship

Help you to manage your finances in a supportive, legal and formalised way


Our mission

Consummate Care’s mission is to provide personalised, needs led support to young people and adults with a learning disability and additional complex needs.

We provide a holistic approach to care ensuring that all clients have every opportunity to develop within a range of safe and rewarding environments. We value the input by parents and other bodies with an interest in the client’s well-being as we design each personalised programme of care.

We recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual by ensuring a person centred approach is adopted. We are committed to enabling personal growth now and for the future, giving each individual the strongest voice with regards to decision making and lifestyle choices. Personalisation is at the very heart of everything we set out to achieve.

Our range of supportive services and environments will encourage each individual to fulfil their personal dreams and aspirations.

Steps to supported living

Step 1

Individual/parent/carer – requests a visit or care manager makes a referral and request assessment.

Step 2

Manager visits the individual and other relevant parties to gather information and compiles assessment. If we are all happy to proceed we will then offer a placement.

Step 3

Placement agreed with start date and move in date.

Step 4

We will help you find the appropriate accommodation and support you in all aspects of securing your preferred property..

Step 5

Introduction to staff teams and recruitment as required. Visits to your property and community outings. Care plan finalised and agreed.

Step 6

Helping to settle you in you your own home.

Step 7

6 week review held to monitor progress and make adjustments as required.

Consummate Care Ltd

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